November 13


Innovating and Developing Global Traditional Medicine, Marching Toward a New Era of Ecological Civilization

Welcome Luncheon

Parallel Sessions:

     Parallel Session 1:Ecological Civilization and Traditional Medicine

     Parallel Session 2:Sustainable Development of Traditional Medicine

     Parallel Session 3:Re-Discovery and Re-Confirmation of Traditional Medicine in Contemporary Science-Based Information Medicine

     Lecture on Regimen by Masters of Traditional Chinese Medicine


November 14


Parallel Events:

     High-level Dialogue:The Construction of Ecological Civilization — Opportunities and Challenges from Global Traditional Medicine Development

     Seminar:Optimizing Macao’s Role as the Platform of Traditional Chinese Medicine Development

     Health Consultation by Prestigious Doctors

Closing Ceremony, Luncheon and Releasing "Macau Declaration"

Exhibition about Chinese Genuine Regional Medicine Products

Date: November 13-14